Upcoming Change to NFA Email Communications Sender and Format—Action Required

In mid-January 2021, NFA will begin using a new service to distribute email communications, including Notices to Members, Rule Submission Letters and News Releases, among others. Transitioning to this new service will introduce mobile responsiveness and a modern, streamlined look and feel to NFA email communications. These emails will be sent from nfanotifications@mailer.nfa.orgTo ensure you continue to receive these communications, please work with your firm’s IT staff to allow delivery of email communications sent from nfanotifications@mailer.nfa.org.

Note that certain email communications will continue to be sent from addresses ending in @nfa.futures.org or @nfa-swaps-proficiency-requirements.moonami.com in the case of NFA’s Swaps Proficiency Requirements.

For assistance with this policy, please click here.

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