Turnkey Regulatory Training – Welcome to “Core +”

The format, delivery, and presentation of required financial services industry training has not changed in decades, it now has. Turnkey has created a training division to re-imagine the approach utilized by registered firms to deliver required training and ongoing education.

Unlike other vendors, Turnkey Training’s coursework is provided under a subscription plan rather than as individual courses. The content is presented as a “Core” package of all required regulatory trainings.  Then, every quarter, Turnkey delivers updated training modules to keep staff current.  This allows us to deliver the correct coursework, to the correct staff members, at the correct time – every time.

Required “Core” Regulatory Training

Our “Core” Training product currently includes required Cybersecurity, Anti-Money Laundering, Identity Theft, and Ethics. These courses are mandated for almost all industry registrants and their staff. Gone are the days of purchasing educational training on a one-off basis, missing annual due dates, or enrolling in the wrong course!

Included “+” Content

Our “+ Content” is a series of quarterly updates, focused on industry best practices and trends, which is designed to keep your team current. These updates are developed by Turnkey Trading Partners at least every 90 days and will include:

  • Continuous Best Practices and Advice
  • Compliance and Regulatory Changes
  • Current Disciplinary and Audit Trends
  • Cutting Edge Information

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