Turnkey Trading Partners supports dozens of introducing brokerage firms that focus primarily on traditional hedge and agricultural commodity futures. Over the years Turnkey’s staff has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly within this space. Unfortunately brokers that focus on hedging and agricultural products often allow their respective books of business to deteriorate over time. Often, it’s the case that customers who have been with them for years either exit farming all together or sadly pass away. As these once strong books of business suffer attrition, eventually, the entire brokerage business itself is in jeopardy. If you’re an IB in this space what can you do to change this outcome? Are there simple practical solutions to maintain and even grow your business?

Turnkey has many industry relationships that we refer business to and enjoy working with. One of those relationships is Gate39 Media out of Chicago. Recently Gate 39’s Sarah McNabb wrote on how best to develop a podcast to boost traditional hedge and agricultural business.

In Gate39’s article McNabb states:

“Podcasts are a highly engaging, low-cost marketing technique that appeals to a broad demographic. If you are marketing to agri-businesses, farmers, and producers, audio content is one of the best ways to reach them where they live. Whether they’re in the field, on the tractor, or in the office, these folks are always on the go. Listening to podcasts is a productive way to pass the time and get the market information they need to stay on top of their game.”

Turnkey encourages IBs to consider what Gate39 has to say by reading the full article about podcasts using the link above. Gate39 is best in class at developing marketing content.  In the event developing a podcast is something you’d like to pursue for your firm please also check in with Turnkey first.  Turnkey’s staff can speak with you to ensure that the format you intend to use will be compliant under CFTC as well as NFA regulatory obligations.  Turnkey would look forward to working with you in developing a sustainable marketing tool to secure the future of your business. We’d also be happy to speak with you about our other consulting solutions in accounting, compliance, or NFA audit support.

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