Impact of Negative Oil Prices? CFTC/NFA Market Participant Thoughts

In late April, the market was witness to an unprecedented event, negative oil prices.  This has never happened before in the history of trading oil futures contracts. Turnkey staff spoke with FCM executives, former energy floor traders, large introducing brokers and many more market participants in order to see what went on behind the scenes, and what if anything could have been done to mitigate the price collapse. 

CFTC/NFA – Regulatory Recap – May 2020

It can be difficult to keep track the various regulatory announcements and changes that occur during a month.  To better assist you Turnkey Trading Partners has put together a summary of the various regulatory notices and adjustments which have occurred since our last newsletter.

NFA Swaps Proficiency Test: An Inside Look

In March 2019, NFA announced that all swap Associated Persons (APs) would be required to complete a new swaps proficiency requirement by January 31, 2021. As swap firms are aware, the initial registration process was completed by NFA earlier this year to setup a swap administrator for all firms and also list any APs that would be required to take the proficiency test.