For many years Turnkey Trading Partners customers were referred to third-party training providers. This no longer is the case. As of January 1, 2022 Turnkey launched a training division to best support its customer’s ongoing education needs. Our training product was developed after years of practical experience managing compliance programs for FCM, IB, CTA, and CPO customers. Our team worked diligently to put forward a best-in-class product that aims to change the way training is viewed throughout the industry. We provide to all of our clients our “3S Promise” which you can learn more about here. The following are some of the unique features of Turnkey’s industry specific training offering.

Annual Subscription

As a rule, CFTC registered, NFA member firms must complete ongoing training on an annual basis. Turnkey has found that most training providers do not sell training in a way that harmonizes with this obligation. Our training products are sold on an annual subscription basis as a result. This allows Turnkey Training to assist its customers to better harmonize training dates and improve the probability that training is not administered late.

One Size Fits All

Turnkey training was designed to be administered on a one size fits all basis. In our experience we have found our customers confused about what training to purchase and when. We have made that incredibly easy for our users.  Turnkey’s training product is set up as a “Core” product of required training which presently includes AML, Ethics, Cyber Security and Identity Theft training. We then have other materials which we consider “+” content. This content is included for free. Once someone is subscribed to the training product all core training is provided at the same price within our training dashboard. Users can then complete all training or just the training that they are required to take under their respective supervisory and compliance programs.

Ongoing Education

Over the years Turnkey has found that training providers develop content which ages very poorly over time. In the best cases content is developed annually and remains static for the entire calendar year. Turnkey has eliminated this problem by not only updating our core products as the space evolves but by also offering curated quarterly updates. Our quarterly updates cover Best Practices, Regulatory Changes, Current Disciplinary Matters and Trends, and other Cutting edge thought leadership that only an award-winning CFTC/NFA consulting firm can provide. Our ongoing quarterly updates are prepared by our head of training and Turnkey’s founder and CEO. All quarterly updates are included free to subscribers.

Join Us Today!

Turnkey would love for you to join us in redefining training within the CFTC and NFA regulatory space. We believe our product is one of the best in the industry. We’re confident you’ll enjoy our new offering and we’d love to have you try it!  To learn more about Turnkey Training please visit our training and education page here.  To purchase training directly please go here.  Have more questions? Please contact us today to discuss training options and products.