Over the last twenty four hours the futures industry was roiled by another clearing firm collapse.  For those of you who have not yet heard, Peregrine Financial Group (“PFG”), was shuttered yesterday.  Regulators late in the afternoon confirmed the industry’s worst fears that nearly a quarter billion dollars in customer funds were determined to be missing.  This has impacted many of Turnkey Trading Partners’ (“TTP”) customers and their clients.  Our thoughts and prayers go to those who have been affected by this situation.

Rather than rehash the soap opera like story surrounding this event we’d like to turn your direction to an excellent summary of yesterday’s events.  This publication comes from Attain Capital Group who was one of PFG’s largest independent introducing brokers and a close friend to TTP.  While we don’t agree with all of their proposed solutions Attain raises many valid thoughts certainly worth considering as we all come to terms with what’s occurred.

Link here to Attain’s summary of events

If you are a CFTC registrant or NFA member who was affected by the PFG fallout and believe TTP may be able to assist you please feel free to contact us today.  To our current clients if there is anything at all we can do to support you in this time of need please also feel free to contact us.  Turnkey Trading Partners is here and ready to support those affected by this dark day within the industry we all love.

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