Expiration of Temporary Relief from Fingerprinting Requirements

On September 29, 2020, DSIO issued an email alert stating that this no-action relief would not be extended beyond September 30, 2020. Therefore, beginning on October 1, 2020, all applicants for AP registration and all-natural persons being listed as a principal of an applicant or registrant must submit the applicant’s or natural person principal’s fingerprints on an applicant fingerprint card, which are available at facilities offering fingerprinting services.

Expiration of Temporary No-Action Relief from the Requirement to Submit a Fingerprint Card with Form 8-R

Given the widespread, if restricted, reopening of businesses and services in most parts of the country, and the availability of law enforcement offices to persons needing to have fingerprints taken, DSIO now believes that the blanket relief provided under Staff Letters 20-16 and 20-20 is no longer urgently needed. Accordingly, that general relief will be permitted to expire September 30.

Rolling CFTC and NFA Corona Virus Updates

Both the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) and National Futures Association (“NFA”) have been releasing guidance about their expectations for how firms grapple with Covid-19.  Turnkey has taken the time to gather this information into one place for our clients. As we become aware of new information impacting CFTC registrants and NFA member firms we’ll add it to this page. All FCMs, IBs, CTAs, and CPOs should bookmark this URL or sign up for our monthly newsletter for the latest updates. We’ll include the latest information pertaining to commodity futures, options, forex, and swap trading on a rolling basis (latest updates first!) with an easy to read summary. Please stay safe! This too shall pass!