Turnkey Trading Partners was founded by James Bibbings after he decided to leave the National Futures Association (“NFA”) where he had worked as both a staff and supervising auditor. After leaving NFA his first consulting engagement took him to the Chicago Board of Trade (“CBOT”) where he assisted a start-up Futures Commission Merchant (“FCM”) to further develop its forex operations.  While at the CBOT, Bibbings’ reputation grew and eventually others began to independently approach him about his services.  When the industry was rocked by the financial crisis during late 2007 demand for Bibbings’ operational and consulting support sky rocketed. An opportunity to help the industry through one of it’s darkest periods emerged and Turnkey Trading Partners was born.

Since the company’s formation Turnkey has grown into one of the leading Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) and NFA consulting firms in the United States. We have won several “Best” awards and have been named “North America’s Best Advisory Firm” by HedgeWeek magazine, “Best Consulting Firm”, “Best Compliance Firm”, and “Best Cybersecurity Solution” by CTA Intelligence magazine, and “Best Compliance Firm” by “Alternative Credit Magazine” across multiple years. Our operational and compliance staff consists of several former NFA examiners as well as other well qualified and tenured industry professionals. Additionally we have a full accounting team that is lead by career industry CPAs. We’ve grown from a one man operation at the CBOT to a firm who now services several hundred customers across five continents. As of 2017 Turnkey expanded its efforts into the SEC/FINRA market place. Turnkey is also the exclusive provider of consulting and compliance support to FundSeeder users.

Turnkey provides customized support to the brokerage and trading industry. We can assist Commodity Trading Adivsors (“CTA”), Commodity Pool Operators (“CPO”), Introducing Brokers (“IB”), and Futures Commission Merchant’s (“FCMs”) working within the alternative investments space. We can also assist Registered Investment Advisors (“RIAs”) and Broker Dealers (“BDs”) within the traditional equities marketplace.  We are well versed in both operational and regulatory matters relating to commodity futures, equities, bonds, options, swaps, forex, cash and physical trading, as well as a number of other specialized financial markets transaction types.  Our offices are located in downtown Chicago, the alternatives trading capital and one of the biggest equity markets in the United States .

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out why more trading and brokerage firms are choosing Turnkey. We’d love to learn how we can help you and your business!

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