Start Up Services

Are you considering starting your own Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), Commodity Pool Operator (CPO), Introducing Broker (IB), Forex or Swap brokerage company?

Let Turnkey Trading Partners help.  At Turnkey, your business will be able to capitalize on our years of industry experience without hiring an internal expert. Our staff has the ability to help your company work through the demands of becoming a CFTC Registrant and/or NFA member. By using our start up services we’ll help you navigate your way through the preparation of all required CFTC and NFA registration documents. In addition, we’ll make the commitment to work with you until your company is registered to do business with the public -  Find another company that will do that!*

Developing CFTC and NFA Correspondence–Procedures to Disclosure Documents

To get you to where you need to be we will work with you and your staff to properly tailor your procedures and/or your disclosure document to your unique business model. We will also assist with any and all NFA and/or CFTC correspondence as it arises.* So whether you need help getting started with your CTA, CPO, IB, forex or swap firm or would like suggestions on how to more efficiently run your business from a regulatory perspective–give us a call today for the assistance you’ve been looking for.

Ready to start preparing for the Series 3, 30, 34 Exam?

Let Turnkey Trading Partners provide you with the materials we feel are the best to help you pass on  your first try.  For more information be sure to visit our Education page.  To learn more about what it takes to be a registrant please see our AML AuditsGeneral ProceduresMock ExaminationsPromotional Reviews, and Disclosure Document specific pages.


*Limitations apply.  Please review the bottom of this page or contact a Turnkey Trading Partners representative for more details.  In the event your directors, officers, principals, employees, agents, affiliates, shareholders, or agents are deemed to be statutorily disqualified for registration by the CFTC, NFA, or any other outside legal or regulatory authority, TTP shall not be held responsible or liable for any inability of you to become a CFTC or NFA registrant.