The 2017 annual Alt Credit Intelligence US Services Awards today announced it’s “short list” of finalist for this years award. Turnkey Trading Partners (“Turnkey”) was named a finalist for “Best Compliance Firm” in the alt credit swaps brokerage and trading space. This marks the 4th consecutive year Turnkey has been named to at least a short list for such an award via industry publication.

Altcredit Short List

For 2016 Turnkey was named North America’s Best Consulting Firm via CTA Intelligence US Services awards.  During 2015 the firm was named best North American Compliance firm by CTA Intelligence. The previous year Turnkey as named Best North American Advisory Firm by Hedgeweek Magazine.

Turnkey specializes in the development of money managers and brokerage firms. The company is lead by its Founder and President James Bibbings who has personally participated in the formation and launch of several hundred trading entities since Turnkey’s inception. Prior to forming Turnkey, Bibbings worked with the National Futures Association (NFA) as a supervising auditor. His wide array of regulatory knowledge has allowed him to be tapped as an expert witness in US Federal Court Cases related to commodity interest proceedings. He regularly speaks at industry events and has been featured or quoted in a variety of financial news publications. Turnkey is presently the exclusive consulting firm assisting FundSeeder Technologies ( to source and develop traders into emerging money managers.