Did you know that all CFTC and SEC registrants have specific ongoing training requirements they must adhere to?

At least once every three years you will be required to take and provide your employees with ongoing Ethics training.  In addition, if your firm is required to adhere to federal anti-money laundering (“AML”) laws, you will also be required to take ongoing AML training at least once annually. As of 2016 registered firms also have an obligation to provide Cyber Security Training (“ISSP”). Do you have a plan in place to meet this requirement?

Turnkey Trading Partners offers training and educational materials to our customers through industry leader Exchange Analytics. Don’t worry we never mark our preferred vendor prices up to our customers; we simply provide access to the best to help you keep track of your obligations:

Courses & Study Materials:


PLEASE NOTE: If you have previously created an Exchange Analytics login you will need to utilize those credentials to re-access our training portal. Existing users can do this by selecting “Home” on the sign up form and simply logging in. New users should utilize the form provided in the links below to establish an account profile. Once you have established an account profile you will be able to purchase and access all available training courses. Working with Turnkey simply allows us to track your progress, remind you of training due dates, and retrieve your training completion certificates from Exchange Analytics directly. This will prove valuable to you in the event NFA requests these documents making your life easier.