Portfolio Risk Management

Once you’ve established your business, gotten investor money, and are ready to trade how will you manage your portfolio risk?

Turnkey Trading Partners recognizes that as a small firm you may not be able to afford the luxuries of a sophisticated risk management system; but it doesn’t have to be that way.  We’ve found a way to give our money managers access to sophisticated risk management software at a fraction of the cost.  If this sounds like it may be for you be sure to follow the link below and continue reading about what Risk-AI has to offer:


Risk-AI, LLC offers superior risk management outsourcing and consulting services to hedge funds, commodity pools, funds of funds, forex managers, private money managers, and other fund Investors at a significant savings.  Risk-AI provides their clients with a timely and relevant Risk Management analysis and aims to help minimize the impact of unexpected adverse market events on client portfolios; they help you to identify the areas of greatest concern before it’s too late.  Similar to Turnkey they are your outsource solution for building and maintaining an in-house Risk Management Infrastructure.  Whether you’re launching a new fund of funds, or you have an established fund operation, Risk Ai can provide a sophisticated risk management system that only the biggest firms can afford.


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