Did you know that all CFTC registrants and NFA members have specific ongoing training requirements they must adhere to?  After you’ve taken the series 3 and become registered your training doesn’t stop there.  At least once every three years you will be required to take and provide your employees with ongoing Ethics training.  In addition, if your firm is required to adhere to federal anti-money laundering  (“AML”) laws, you will also be required to take ongoing AML training at least once annually.  Do you have a plan in place to meet this requirement?

Turnkey Trading Partners (“TTP”) wants to be your one stop solution for all of your operational and regulatory needs.  In order to do this and further benefit our clients we have established a unique relationship with one of the nation’s largest financial industry educators.  Through this relationship and our website you have the ability to sign up for and take the necessary ongoing training courses required by the CFTC, NFA, and Federal government at no additional cost!

Turnkey Trading Partners Training Course Catalog


Turnkey Trading Partners Educational Catalog

Taking a training course or ordering educational materials through TTP enables us to maintain a record of your specific testing experience.  As a client of ours this information will always be available to you free of charge and can be readily provided in the event it is requested by your regulatory body.  To learn more about the courses available to you and your staff through TTP please follow the link above.